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Chatham Cape Cod Beach Yoga Classes

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Cape Cod Beach Yoga is an excellent start to your day with positive intentions and gratitude! The beach practice of Kripalu yoga is each and every summer morning, except the rainy ones, June 9 – September 9, 2018 at lighthouse beach on Cape Cod’s most magnificent shoreline. It has been a tradition in Chatham for the past 15 years.

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Kripalu Yoga on the beach will strengthen and lengthen the spine, create space for the flow and movement of breath, increase happiness and peace of mind.  This is an opportunity to change your outlook and be at ease. Each class ends with time for relaxation.

Yeah an indoor yoga class is great, but there’s nothing better than being on the beach. The practice of meditation, slow yoga & Qigong on the soft sands of the stunning Chatham Lighthouse Beach is easy to do and is especially kind to the joints, as you feel the warm atlantic ocean breezes. You can hear the crashing sounds of the waves and most days the seals sit out on the sand bars and you can hear them as you go through the motions. Each day is different; wind, fog, surf, heat or cooling breezes, the unpredictable. Seagulls, children, the smell of salt and beach roses, rolling clouds emphasize the wonder of each moment in this truly unique location.

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Whether you’re new to yoga or advanced everyone is welcome.

Cape Cod Beach Yoga class format varies from day to day.

7:30am – 8:45am

The cost per class is $10.

No sign up – unrestricted free parking (come early).

Bring a beach towel, sunglasses and a smile.

Check out our charming Whale House that sleeps 10 in the picturesque seaside village of Chatham, right at the elbow of Cape Cod. The house is just about 4 miles from Yoga at the Lighthouse Beach.

Cape Cod Beach Yoga at Lighthouse Beach makes your vacation a fantastic experience

Your body and mind will thank you!