The Whale House Chatham Cape Cod

Letter To Owner

Dear Mr.& Mrs. Kennedy Thank you so much for the beautiful fruit basket that greeted our arrival at your lovely house. We had great weather throughout our two weeks stay. Although used sparingly, the addition of A/C in all of the bedrooms provided respite from the several extremely hot days. You certainly must have been busy during the off-season with the many additions you made to an already beautiful house. The new entrance between the dining room and the breezeway is very attractive and the removal of the breezeway ceiling to expose the beam work provides a wonderful openness. The “hit” of the changes for our family was the lower level game and television room. We loved playing pool and table tennis where many friendly wagers were won and lost. It is a great expansion to the living area of your house. I may have left out several new items like the expansive floor to ceiling bookcase in the front bedroom or the breakthrough in the deck railing for an additional path to the lawn; however we always look forward to viewing the changes to your lovely home. Thanks again for the fruit basket and added comforts.

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